I am a program manager, facilitator, and multidisciplinary artist with a commitment to collaboratively crafting a more just and equitable world.

I work with cultural and social service organizations as well as independent artists to support their programmatic development and evaluation, facilitate partnerships and connections, and build capacity for meaningful impact. My mission is to create structures that leverage arts and cultural experiences with and for historically under-resourced communities to enable all of us to live more vibrant, healthy, and connected lives. 

There are many ways to track and evaluate programs and finding the right project management software is only the start. What processes best align with your organization’s values and vision? Which tools and policies will empower and sustain the people moving the organization’s mission forward? I bring my background as an artist and public humanist to my work as a program manager, to help you find solutions that are specific to your organization and staff and responsive to the world in which we live. 

I believe the arts are a vehicle through which we can learn about ourselves, each other, and our relationship with each scale of community in which we participate, both within and outside the organizations we serve. Through this work, we can imagine new communities and connections, foster existing and create new resources, and sustain spaces for sharing our commonalities without diminishing our differences. 

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