Queer Cookies

Queer Cookies is a poetry event series and bake sale collaboration between poets Regie Cabico and Tyler French supporting LGBTQ+ identified poets. We host poetry slams, readings, and workshops and serve up custom-designed baked goods based on participating poets.

Cookie Examples:

Dark chocolate brownie with blackberry-hibiscus cheesecake swirl and blackberries
Fruity pebbles with milk powder crumb and salted cashews
Cinnamon and ancho chile brownie with chipotle chocolate filling and cayenne sugar top
Almond rosewater thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam and rosewater glaze
Caramel corn with malt and smoked sea salt
Honey miso blondies with rosemary, bittersweet chocolate, and pecans


Queer Cookies Poetry Slam at The DC Center (2015)
Queer Cookies Slam with Capturing Fire (2015)
Queer Cookies Farewell (2015)
Queer Cookies at Capturing Fire (2016)
Queer Cookies Fueling Capturing Fire (2019)