Need to shake up strategic planning meetings, but sick of ice-breakers? Want to connect more meaningfully within and beyond the walls of your organization? Dreaming of something new, strange, or funky? Following are a handful of ways I would love to work alongside you to answer those questions.

Facilitation and Creative Community Engagement

I thoughtfully design workshops, planning processes, and engagement initiatives with organizations, artists, and community members. I’ve danced with docents in museums, facilitated weekly staff meetings, designed and implemented participatory artmaking and community building events, and trained others to continue the work beyond my direct involvement.

Organizational Learning and Evaluation

I bring a multi-modal approach to programmatic and developmental evaluation to help organizations create three-dimensional reflections of their work, both within and beyond their walls. I’ve screened food-insecure older adults, conducted in-depth interviews with cross-sector¬† stakeholders,¬† and created reports that are living and learning documents.

Interdisciplinary Musing and Program Development

Who knows what we could dream up together? I can assist identifying and bringing together groups of stakeholders that range across difference, age, and sectors. If you have a new idea, I can help research, synthesize, and connect. I believe iterative program and project development is the key to building capacity and launching something new, strange, or funky. Lets try something! (I also believe every meeting is best served by showing up with custom baked goods.)